A collection of pewter in Paris.


It’s all about the details….Here are some detail shots from a Paris pied-à-terre I’m working on now. The project has an open deadline, so the project has become a real laboratory of detail where I’m able to create a pretty complex collage of materials, and as the time passes, there are always new fresh seasonal flowers everywhere, (even in the bathroom I’m painting…)

It’s a real Indian summer here in Paris and the dahlias are in still full bloom in the most fiery autumn colors.  I took this picture yesterday in a residential project I’m finishing.  The sun was streaming through the open window and the interior just seemed like a painting.

The dahlias were placed on an amazing hand painted Moroccan side table with a very cool antique style cup I got from the Benaki Museum in Athens, and a vintage Fornasetti opera tray….all new favorites for the new season.

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