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Honestly, if I could live in a world where everyday quick and easy dinners, and rachel ray, and low cal tortilla wraps, and slow food, and fast food, and regional specialties, and nouvelle gastronomie, and haute gastronomie, and gastrointerite, and kobe burgers, and lobster rolls, and meyer lemons, and himalayan salt could all magically be turned once and for all into candy, I would be so happy. (And that’s even happier than I already am,  since as you know I am the luckiest person alive and I practically already live in candyland.)

I’d rather eat every day easy meals of luscious gooey rainbow colored treats and milkshakes, take baths in strawberry milk, and sprinkle glittery sugar on absolutely everything.

Below are some pictures from my new favorite restaurant in the entire world.

the author and the plat du jour

PS: In my Candlyland Utopia, there would be plenty of candy apples everywhere for everyone, but I would not eat them because really, they’re gross, who wants fruit in candy?  But they sure are beautiful…perhaps I’ll make a candy appple that is filled with marzipan.

XOXO Candyman.



A few weeks ago we covered the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom with sculptures of books and printed text, custom lighting, a giant drawing of tigers, and a minimal set for Kronos Quartet for our friends at Asia Society.

My home is your Home.

My apartment in Paris is fully decked with some VERY important and very MAGIC holiday items:

This season the racoon tail is the star along with some very special glass whales, and a menagerie of vintage mexican friends.

Have a good one!


bull + racoon tail

special lion

angel with pearls and coral


very special friendly whale princess

irish lamb

père noël

As the end of the year, and perhaps the world, is upon us, I’ve been reflecting on the standout meals I’ve had with my delicious friends these past twelve months. I feel changed, nourished, and absolutely hungry for more :

kosher couscous with gad, tacos in the mission with allison, lobster rolls on the water with gabriel, truffle omelettes with benoit, dulce de leche cookies with diego, eggplant parmesan with amanda, margaritas with tim, english breakfasts with xavier, la meilleur pizza de paris with david, brioches and champagne with christophe et marc, steak with steph, fondue savoyarde with mom and dad, maryland crabs with grandma, fitness brunch at the gym with elizabeth, schnitzel with hili and alex, tajik smoke tea with emilie, BBQs with bob, beer with uncles tommy and rob, endless crostini with tolga, vodka sodas in the towers with cynthia, chicken mcnuggets and strawberries with my dog larry, tapas with trish, jameson’s with jimmy, havana club with guillaume and eugénie, camparis under berkeley sunset with claudia and laura, diet cokes with the paris office crew, picnics just me and the beach and the birds……

just to name a few…

I’m so filled with absolute transcendant LOVE because of all this, I’ve decided to serve everything in heart shaped dishes from now on,

like this cranberry relish from Thanksgiving,



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