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I’ve been on an ongoing quest for home. Nothing too serious, please. Just a simple, now that I know who, where? , trying different ways of seeing the spaces I call home,  or even better, it could just be bringing my work home with me. And I think it may lead to an ebay store in the coming weeks…..



Dear 2010,

You were superb.  Thank you for Miremont sandwiches with Xav on the beach, burgers with Cynthia at PJ Clarkes, meatballs in Sweden with Christophe and Marc, crabs on the bay with mom and dad, beers in Philly with Tommy and Rob, barbecues and tamales at Gabriel’s, truffles with Benoit, Lebanese takeout with Vanessa et Guillaume, Manhattans and steak with Bryan at Donohue’s, late night snacks with David, 2-for-one happy hour with Diego, cake for lunch in London with Brendan, and feasts at Chateaubriand with Nancy.  Thank you for chickens from the kind Benedictine nuns of Biarritz, for the fish market in Aegina, for the Hotel Grande Bretagne breakfast in Athens, for the gypsy music playing during dinner that special night in Budapest, for all the ladies at the Deux Abeilles, for the comfort of Keene’s, and for all the other new and exciting things I experienced while eating with my most amazing friends and family.

I hope 2011 will expand our horizons even further, and push us to be even better, even nicer, and even more elegant than ever before.

HAPPY 2011

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