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The restaurant I designed at the Klay Club here in paris is in French GQ…voilà!



Make a pilgrimage to Burgundy.  I went for 24 hours and managed to get my head spun with an onslaught of visual and gustative stimulation it seemed like I was there for a month.

There is a strange hostility in its inhabitants, which I suppose is sometimes common in oddly beautiful, eccentric, out of the way places where  deep gaps exist between the aging aristocracy, the new foodies and tourists, and the deeply rooted locals for whom a foreigner is anyone from outside their small village.  The melancholic, hilly landscape and strange forests dotted with mossy red stone villages seemed especially off kilter in summer where it was cold and misty while the rest of the country was being scorched by the summer sun.


I was lucky, once again you know how it goes, to have spent the weekend in this amazing château where i feasted on jambon persillé, escargots, caviar, foie gras, langoustines, grilled beef, liver sausages, and guzzled large quantities of Rully, Chassagne-Montrachet, Clos St Denis, Gevrey Chambertin …….. and some champagne….in an amazing château, I repeat.

the château de sully

The jambon persillé is perhaps the finest treatment of ham ever created…….pieces of gorgeous fresh ham locked in a parsley aspic.  I swear it is mind blowing.  I’m going to try to make it, and will write a report following, though i fear this could be something to be eaten only while in Burgundy once every…

jambon persillé

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