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I just did a very cool pop up bar for my friends at Schweppes in Paris. We created a really wild twist on a dandy’s “cabinet de curiosité” and lit it all with black lights……check it out!


One HOT dog!

We love Hot Dogs


Certainly the best part of travelling is staying in hotels and running around with your twin brother, that is if you are lucky enough to have one.

Running a close second, is eating new and sometimes strange things.  I have a travel mantra that says, when there’s a line for food, go wait in it.   No matter what it is, it’s most likely amazing.  A folksy spring festival in Budapest had a lot of gems hidden away between the rows of felt shoes and egg shaped candles.

Although I boast my adventurous side, I did not eat this. I would, however,  highly recommend you try it, dear reader, what the hell, right?

rooster testicles stew

Perhaps had this not been translated, I may have sampled a few virile treats as it looks nice and saucy, and you know we love that.

virility stew

I did eat a lot of other stuff though…obviously.



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