Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’m obsessed with farming and farm animals. I always have been, and I even worked on a radical farm in high school.  The radical farmers would steal poor mistreated animals from factory farms and nurse them to health at a lovely property in Pennsylvania.  They also lived in a converted yellow school bus and toured with the Grateful Dead selling tofu hot dogs.  I have many great memories of the animal friends I made there.

Just a week ago, here in Paris, the nicest person alive made one of my greatest dreams come true by taking me to the Salon de l’Agriculture. Here, not only can you make nice new animal buddies, but you can also eat them, watch them be butchered into gorgeous cuts of meat, admire their stunning carcasses hanging in Damien Hirst-like refrigeration towers, and meet the rugged men and women who raise such magnificent creatures.

kind aristocrat

the sweetest lamb


award winners

pays basque pride

the flowers are made from fat

I had a total mind melt with this bunny



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