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A few weeks ago we covered the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom with sculptures of books and printed text, custom lighting, a giant drawing of tigers, and a minimal set for Kronos Quartet for our friends at Asia Society.


This summer is the summer of the birdcage.  They are cheap, and look great with candles inside or little light up bird friends.  We’ve used these bamboo cages in really cool colorful ways, and also did a super chic table setting with them for a party at the Waldorf.  Imagine how cool it would be to have a night time picnic under a big tree with hundreds of these cages hanging and glittering with candlelight…………

at the Asia Society

at the Asia Society


at the Waldorf Astoria

Here are a few images from a dinner I designed for the Asia Society recently.  The event was honoring “Climate Heroes”, or those whose work has had a profound impact on environmental issues. One of my personal heroes, Shirin Neshat, was the cultural honoree.  Due to the current financial situation and in keeping with the theme, while not getting kitch (kitch, quirk, and cheap wit make me wince these days, especially when it comes to “green” design), we created a very sober and natural setting in rich golds, a gorgeous organic silk that shimmered blue/brown with a gold brocade, and hundreds of bamboo birdcages each with an amber candle inside.  I thought it looked really very elegant.  The video was a super touch….the gentle movement of golden autumnal sunlight on the Hudson river was hypnotic.





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