I’ve had the great opportunity to visit wholesale flower markets in big cities around the world from New York to LA to Tokyo to Paris and beyond.  I’ve found the beauty and energy of these fragrant, dazzling, and often extremely hectic fresh markets so intriguing I seek them out even when I’m not working.  Aside from being washed in large quantities of gorgeous local flowers, there is an extremely charming personal exchange and I’ve found that flower wholesalers worldwide are exceedingly happy and friendly people.

I’ve just returned from Bangkok and visited the very large  Pak Klong Talad flower market a few times.  This market is exceptional in that it remains open 24 hours a day the energy mounts in the middle of the night, in steamy heat and flickering light as shipments arrive.  In Thailand, a large majority of flowers are destined for religious offerings and the artists working by day create the most intricate garlands and what I can only call sculptures of folded leaves and flowers destined for temples and altars around the country.  Mountains of jasmine, orchids, marigolds, and roses create an intoxicating perfume that mixes with the steam rising from the ubiquitous food carts dotting the street corners.

Enjoy the color !


Merry Christmas!

It’s a happy moment for me as I am featured on the Silver Couch, an interview project of one of my favorite artists and friends, Angelo Plessas…check it out… HERE !!



On a recent trip to Philadelphia (the greatest American city), I made a stop into the amazing store/gallery Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction on N 3rd street in Old City.  They were showing a series of incredible watercolor paintings by the local artist, Reverend Michael Alan…They reminded me of the amazing Frakturs by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the Winthertur Museum’s collection I had just seen the day before.  I love the poetic rendering of neo-classical Americana.  These paintings really capture the chic American aesthetic of Philadelphia.

Today, two arrived from Philly to Paris. Merci Rev Michael!

Check out his website to see all the amazing things he is doing:

The note is as beautiful as the paintings themselves!

My partner in crime and I refer to the past few years of hip style as the “triangle” style. A certain set of today’s youth are marked by the triangle in the logos of their favorite brands, their tattoos, and their asymmetric hairstyles. Why the triangle? There are many theories….

Then comes along a triangular visionary, who pushes the work beyond triangle into superb.  I’m praying for a new client for whom I may purchase this divine piece of furniture by the super architect/designer Rafael de Cardenas.  I’d love to put one in the center of a great classic french room, and make it the bar. Perhaps with a marble side table just in front to one side, with some gold candlesticks and a big amethyst…What I most love about this piece is the ombré/gradated color which has been my obsession since we designed ombré wallpaper for our wine bar project here in Paris.

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