To all our friends and family far and wide, Happy Thanksgiving!

We were surrounded by friends and family here in Paris this weekend for a Franco-American Thanksgiving Feast.  I’m never happier than when my house is full of people I love, food, and booze. Here are some pics of the look:


Well, it’s that time again!  I’ve started the countdown to our annual Paris Thanksgiving event, which is always super lavish and always one of the happiest days of the year.  Our travel schedules have pushed our date forward a week, and this Saturday a fine turkey will meet its destiny here in the 10th arrondissement.  I was looking back at last year’s pics as I am considering the new look for this year…Check it out here

Stay tuned for the full story! I’m off to start the cranberry sauce…

As Thanksgiving is not a holiday in France, we expatriates (or bi-coastal travelers), can freely celebrate the holiday whenever we want. Frankly I could have Thanksgiving dinner in August and no one would really question me.  This year, we celebrated a little early, and can subsequently send out some of our photos pre-holiday.  We went for a really overcharged leather/horsehair/antique pewter look….enjoy!

the bar

the hosts


buffet style


mr. fox

horsehair table cloth.......chic!

scandinavian touch

Where’s the turkey?  We were so busy cooking and eating…and eventually pushing all of the furniture out of the way and dancing to frank sinatra that the actual feasting will have to go undocumented this year.  I will say that being the luckiest person alive means having a beautiful family and many gorgeous friends and for that, I am the luckiest and the most thankful.

Thanks Xavier, Guillaume, Vanessa, Marie-Claude, Christophe, Marc, Eve, Reeve, Manon, David, Vincent, Nathalie, Eric, Mathilda, Eric, Guilherme, Luc, Gad, and Elon!



Thanksgiving in Paris was another great success on all levels.  We had 26 for dinner, and such a great, dynamic mix of people that made for a really fun night. (The last of our guests left at 3:30am).  Finding a good balance of people for a party can be tricky….we blended family, friends, kids, french, american, rwandan…..

Since the holiday has come and gone, i’ll spare you the blow by blow cooking recount, as i didn’t document each step, i was having too much fun…buti  will share a few photos of the house which looked smashing….followed by the menu.

the table…

img_4770an arrangement of beautiful fresh mistletoe clipped that morning at the Château de Versailles!

img_47741the bar!

img_47751gin and tonics…..

img_4780the table….

img_4788larry chilling out…

img_47721la dinde …

our menu:

cocktails; roasted chickpeas with curry and cumin, roasted pumpkin seeds, maple glazed almonds, cheddar and walnut tartines, crudités with roquefort dip.

dinner; herb roast turkey with rich pan sauce, challah stuffing with figs, apricots, raisins, onions and fresh sage, mashed rutabega, brussel sprouts, maple roasted sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry walnut relish, cranberry tangerine sauce with porto.

dessert; ginerbread cheesecake, pecan pie, saffron and walnut cake with apricot fig compote, fresh pears, muscat grapes and walnuts from périgord.

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