Gala Design

I travel, I eat, I cook, and I also work sometimes.  My job involves many things from removing elevators and replacing them with stairs, creating bars, designing environments, and making large dinner parties.  As we have a number of gala dinners coming up here in New York, I thought to write a sentence or two about the phenomenon known as the tasting.

The tasting is an unusual meal among colleagues and clients during which we taste a very large amount of different things to create the menu for the evening.  This can be quite fun.  We just curated a great menu for an upcoming event with our catering friends around a deliciously sexy table we created.  We tasted cocktails, 10 appetizers, 3 1st courses, 3 main courses, and an array of desserts. Needless to say, after this decadence, we were highly unproductive in the studio.

I won’t give away any surprises to you who may be attending, but the table looked great…..don’t you think?


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