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Where the House becomes a HOME




…I drank the most delicious coke of my LIFE.

at the Diving Club, Limanakia, Athens


The Greeks are the nonchalant geniuses of Europe, and perhaps the world.  Eating my way through the country, I was much more impressed than in the other countries I visit regularly.  There is an absolute chic in everything from the trendiest tables in Athens (except perhaps for Nobu @ the Astir Palace, but that’s another story, although the view from the terrace is stunning….again another story altogether…) to the simplest village hole in the wall.

I’m not exactly sure if I’m able to do literary justice to this incredible restaurant located in an alley just behind the fish market on the port of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf. A common sight in Greece or a rare gem? I’m not sure, but certainly an example of the Real Deal.  We went several nights in a row to dine under the market lights, outside, in the fishy market, just off the port, with groups of fishermen.  Dorade, Rouget, Sardines, Beets, Tomato salad, Olives, and Beer!

The Chic Greek Fisherman

The Unassuming Chic of the Restaurant

The Fish Market Tables

The History

The Scene

The Fix

The Tomato and Onion Salad

The Sardines

The Dorade

The Mystery Fish

The Fresh Beet

The End

and To Sleep.....

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