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The W Hotel is coming to Paris….and we designed a mini W pop up for Paris Fashion Week.  We fully transformed an empty loft in the Bastille into a super cool W Hotel lobby and boutique.  The pop up was open for the duration of Fashion Week, and there were wild parties every night, of course….

Here are some shots of our space:



I think it really sucks to have to cook all the time. Really. And then you’re expected to write about it and give away all the special secret things you do to make such decadent sensory overload alcoholic evenings. Sometimes you just need a break from it all.

This weekend, I had really had enough of it all, so I drank a perfect manhattan,

dorch 3then hopped in my car , which really is the most chic car in the entire world, I know,

dorch2and drove myself (i only had ONE drink, it’s ok.) to a magical place that normally only exists in fairy tales or the best kind of children’s books, but for me it really does exist because I’m very lucky. I hid in in bed all day eating things lovely people made for me and pushed into my lovely laura ashley room on a lovely cart on lovely china with lovely teas and jams and sausages and very lovely bacon and lovely beans and super incredible lovely pork pies and lovely bangers and mash .

dorch 1…and i’d occasionally press this button….




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