As Thanksgiving is not a holiday in France, we expatriates (or bi-coastal travelers), can freely celebrate the holiday whenever we want. Frankly I could have Thanksgiving dinner in August and no one would really question me.  This year, we celebrated a little early, and can subsequently send out some of our photos pre-holiday.  We went for a really overcharged leather/horsehair/antique pewter look….enjoy!

the bar

the hosts


buffet style


mr. fox

horsehair table cloth.......chic!

scandinavian touch

Where’s the turkey?  We were so busy cooking and eating…and eventually pushing all of the furniture out of the way and dancing to frank sinatra that the actual feasting will have to go undocumented this year.  I will say that being the luckiest person alive means having a beautiful family and many gorgeous friends and for that, I am the luckiest and the most thankful.

Thanks Xavier, Guillaume, Vanessa, Marie-Claude, Christophe, Marc, Eve, Reeve, Manon, David, Vincent, Nathalie, Eric, Mathilda, Eric, Guilherme, Luc, Gad, and Elon!


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